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Onsite Office Massage Visits (London area)

When it comes to showing your employees that they are valued, there is no better and more cost-effective way than offering them free onsite seated acupressure massages. As well as helping with the aches and stiffness caused by long periods at the desk, an Onsite Office Massage Program treats your staff and demonstrates that you truly care for their health and wellness. In this way, regular massages can help improve office morale, manage staff stress-levels, and even boost motivation.

Typical Program

  • Each visit entails 15 x 20 minute seated acupressure massages in your offices.

  • Massages are performed using a professional massage chair.

  • You can arrange for Henry to visit your offices weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

  • The cost is just £300 per day.


  • Henry is qualified in Seated Acupressure Massage, Sports & Remedial Massage, and Traditional Thai Massage. He is fully insured.

  • Henry has been treating office workers in London since 2004.


Email Henry at to discuss your requirements.

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