Useful Articles about your most common physical pain and dysfunction syndromes

The dangers of Slouching | And tips to help you correct it

Slouching! It has all the signs of an addiction. We can't stop doing it, it makes us look unattractive and is bad for our physical health. If you ever doubted the last point then consider this. Every inch your head projects forward adds another 4.5 kilos of strain to the muscles that support it. Just to put that into perspective 4.5 kilos is the weight of an average bowling ball. Small wonder that slouching is the main cause of chronic neck and shoulder pain cases that I see in my treatment room every week.

If you are a sloucher and feel ready to quit the habit then make this your first step to salvation. In this article I will: 

  • Discuss what happens to us when we slouch, and

  • Give you a quick 15 minute daily stretching routine to help address the habit of slouching


Muscular Imbalances | How a limp can cause a headache


I have built my practice treating clients who suffer from muscle related pain, restriction or weakness. My goal is to get them back to an active and pain free existence. However many are understandably surprised to hear that their problems originated somewhere far from the current pain site. They are experiencing a reaction (in the form of pain) to compensatory muscular imbalances in their bodies that can have varied and often obscure sources. 


How is this possible? Why does this happen? What do I mean by imbalances? How can you fix it?


Understanding Muscle Knots | Where the pain is, it often ain't


Muscle knots! We are all too familiar with them and yet few of us understand what they really are or their relevance in the pain that we experience. We know that they infiltrate our muscles uninvited and sit there like gate crashers at a party who can't take a hint. The ones we remember have often caused considerable pain and discomfort to areas in their immediate vicinity. But generally speaking, that's the extent of our knowledge.


But if you thought that was all you ever needed to know about knots, you would be very mistaken. For when it comes to musculoskeletal pain, they can work in some surprising and mysterious ways...